The most hated Star Wars characters of all time

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Star Wars has introduced fans to hundreds of new characters over the past four decades. Some of them are still adored. Many were hated from the very beginning.

You probably already have a few Star Wars characters in mind just from reading the headline. Because let’s be honest: There are so many characters in this universe that it’s impossible to love them all.

Some of us just happen to not love some characters more than others.

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These are the Star Wars characters fans have hated the most — including the Sith Lord fans basically wish had never been created.

Zam Wesell

The bounty hunter Jango Fett hired to assassinate Padmé Amidala in Attack of the Clones may be one of many reasons audiences hated (and maybe still dislike) the movie so much.

You have to admit, she’s a pretty cool character conceptually. She’s a Clawdite, a species that can alter their physical appearance.

Ideally, she could have expertly used this as an advantage when collecting bounties, whether that meant luring them into traps or simply hiding her true identity from anyone who might see her out doing a job.

There’s just one problem: She was possibly the worst bounty hunter we have yet to see on-screen. So bad that she causes a dangerous, attention-grabbing chase scene that ultimately ends in her death and the discovery of the Clone Army on Kamino.


And while you could technically argue that Jango Fett hired her on purpose for some reason, when you think about it, that possibility makes absolutely zero sense.

Why would he hire a terrible bounty hunter to do a job he could have very easily done himself — for any reason other than to drive the plot of an already mediocre Star Wars film forward in some linear fashion?

She did, technically, serve a purpose when it comes to the rest of Attack of the Clones. But for someone who’s supposed to be a master of stealth — and, you know, decent enough at her job to get hired by a guy like Jango Fett — she really didn’t measure up.