Star Wars: Episode IX: Maz Kanata needs a bigger role


The character who was introduced to both Star Wars fans as well as the Star Wars universe in The Force Awakens may be left out of the final installment of the sequel trilogy.

Maz Kanata, who was modeled after director’s J.J. Abrams high school English teacher, was full of knowledge including the ways of the Jedi. Maz became a very interesting character in Star Wars. One that should have been and should be explored a bit more.

Adding to her mystery she even had Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. It was both surprising and disappointing to see Kanata have such a small role in The Last Jedi. As she had a big build up only to have her time fall way to short.

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Although her screen time was short, she still did a lot. Maz helped the Resistance as well as inadvertently introduce Finn and Rose to DJ. As a fantastic character, Maz Kanata should have a bigger role in Episode IX and not be cut out all together. Or at least match her The Force Awakens time.

Maz is a character we actually need more from. She holds several keys and it would have been better if Rian Johnson offered more information about her in The Last Jedi.

Here is hoping Maz Kanata plays a part in a twist in Episode IX. After all, holding all of the information she does coupled with having a lightsaber from the Skywalker bloodline no less makes her important.

I expect Abrams to incorporate his character into Episode IX. I also expect her to grow in Star Wars legend.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to hit theaters on December 20.