Our favorite Star Wars characters

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Marvel Star Wars comics Age of Star Wars teaser. Photo credit: Marvel Comics

The characters of Star Wars are what make the franchise so beloved. Everybody has their favorite, and it’s time to see which ones Dork Siders love the most.

If you asked a fan what makes Star Wars so great, they might have a tough time picking just one reason. The storylines,  the action, the twists and turns–all valid points.

For me, it’s the characters. Without them, there’d be no story, no emotional attachment, nobody to root for. From the first time you watched a Star Wars movie, there was probably one character that stuck out to you the most. Somebody who you saw that made you go “alright, this is someone I can get behind”.

Part of what made the originals so great was the dynamic between Luke and Darth Vader in the final two episodes. Father vs son, good vs evil, Rebellion vs Empire. To me, the evolution of their relationship is what really made The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi special. Without those characters, without that attachment, Star Wars might not be what it is today–truly beloved.

There’s something about almost any Star Wars character that can make you understand why they might be someone’s favorite. You like bravery in a character? Luke’s the guy for you. Strong leadership? Sounds like you’re a Leia person. Like rooting for the bad guys? Take your pick, pal.

Here at Dork Side, we’ve all got that one character that stands out to us. Let’s run down the list.