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Photo Credit: Star Wars: A New Hope/LucasFilm Ltd. Image Acquired from Disney Media Distribution

Appearances: Original Trilogy; Sequel Trilogy; countless books and comics

Defining Moment: Standing tall in the face of the destruction of Alderaan


Leia Organa has suffered immeasurable heartbreak in the Star Wars saga. Her homeworld was destroyed with her adoptive parents on planet, her son turned to the Dark Side and eventually killed his father and her love, and she’s had to fight the same evil over and over from her teen years to the end of her life.

Through it all, Leia has been the picture of leadership, compassion and love.

It’s amazing to think of everything she has been through, she still has room in her heart for others.

To me, Leia has been my favorite character since the moment I saw her stone-cold façade in A New Hope. She didn’t bristle at Darth Vader or Tarkin. She could trade punches, bullets and barbs with anyone.

Watching her journey only solidified it for me as she let others in such as Luke and Han, showing that she could still find love, friendship, and have hope despite everything around her screaming otherwise.

Of course, some of that is helped by Carrie Fisher. The actor was a champion of important causes and true free spirit allowing others to see her for who she was, flaws and all.

In the sequel trilogy – which is not over just yet – she still managed to be that stoic leader, recognizing greatness in others and fighting for goodness even if the face of evil is her own son.

Through it all, Leia has been an amazing role model, choosing the right side no matter the odds. For that, Leia will always be my favorite as I continue to remember her legacy.

–Susan Lulgjuraj

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With so many characters, there are bound to be different favorites out there. Who is your favorite Star Wars character?