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Sabine Wren

Appearances: Star Wars: Rebels

Defining moment: Giving the darksaber to Bo-Katan Kryze


From the moment she first appeared in Rebels, I found myself captivated by Sabine Wren’s character. And the more we learned about her past and her reasons for leaving the Empire to join the rebellion, the more I liked her.

Thanks to the expanded universe, we’ve seen plenty of people defect from the Empire at this point. But Sabine’s story is well-developed and significant enough to the plot of the show that I didn’t really mind.

She’s a warrior and a fighter, but she is also a friend and a team player. She’s independent and does things her own way, but also knows when it’s necessary to follow the rules and work as part of a unit.

At the height of her character development, Sabine not only succeeds in destroying the superweapon the Empire used her to construct, but she also chooses to give the Darksaber to someone she feels is more fit to wield it than her. In doing this, she chooses the battle — and the team — she feels she truly belongs with.

This is when Sabine’s role in the fight against the Empire truly takes form. Imperial rule directly threatened her family and friends, and a weapon she created while working for them was almost used to take real lives.

She overcame all that, and came out of it stronger than before. And for all we know after the show’s official conclusion, she went on to find and/or rescue Ezra and do more to fight ill forces across the galaxy.

She went from rebel to hero, from estranged daughter and branded traitor to respected Mandalorian. She’s my favorite character because she’s artsy and clever but also tough and not afraid to speak her mind. She’s now a major part of the Rebel Alliance’s success in defeating the Empire, and I think that’s pretty cool.

I need more Sabine! Episode IX?? Give her a one-shot comic at the very least. Something.

–Meg Dowell