Star Wars: Episode IX trailer and title reported to arrive in April


According to a recent report, the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer and title will not be arriving until April 2019. Much later than anticipated.

Fans have been speculating over when the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer and title would be released. Rumors have been circulating since before Christmas that the trailer would arrive any day and with it the episode title. The expectation now is it will arrive during the Super Bowl. However, a new report has come out with the trailer and title reported to arrive in April.

It was during an interview, Richard E. Grant conducted with the Telegraph, where they discussed his current, past and upcoming roles. And as expected, the conversation of his role in Star Wars: Episode IX came up.

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Specifically who Grant will play was sadly not revealed. Although, from reading the interview, it sounded as though he is pained by the fact he cannot tell anyone who it is he is playing just now.

It was during this part of the interview however that the Telegraph reported Grant is only sworn to secrecy until the release of the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer and title, which would be released in April.

This statement screams out two major things. The first being it sounds like we will learn who Grant will play when the trailer is released. The second being the trailer not being released until April, which is far later than predicted.

Now there is no official confirmation from Star Wars themselves that this is the case to back up the claim. So the Telegraph could be wrong in what they have reported. The thing is, why would they report it unless it was true?

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There was no reason for them to make it up. It was an interview. Not a report on the trailer release date. They mentioned April as if it was common knowledge. As though they were told in confidence or by Richard E. Grant during the interview when it was coming but didn’t realize how significant it actually is.

So while I would like nothing more than the report to be wrong and the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer to arrive during the Super Bowl. I would lean towards the Telegraph’s report being correct. The trailer and title aren’t coming until April.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed its wrong though.

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What do you think? Is the Telegraph right? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.