Star Wars: Don’t expect big blockbuster movies on Disney+


While Disney+ will have a plethora of Star Wars content, don’t expect it to be the first place to catch big blockbuster movies. Those are still for the movie theaters.

On the Star Wars movie front, we are all focused on Star Wars: Episode IX. But behind the scenes, the powers that be are probably looking years and years into the future in planning of films.

One concern was that Disney+ would be home to new movies. Currently, the Disney streaming service has announced three new TV series (The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars continuation, and Cassian Andor series), but it was unclear if any new movies would arrive on the platform.

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In a recent report in Barron’s, Disney let it be known that any big-budget films wouldn’t land on Disney+ first – those would be meant for the big screen first.

There is something to be said for the movie-going experience. Seeing the crazy action on a giant screen with surround sound is a thrilling ride. However, more and more people have great home set up systems, especially with how much big screen TVs have come down in price over the past several years.

Having said that, people still love going to the theater for their big movies, wanting to be one of the first in line to say they saw the movie before anyone else.

When it comes to Star Wars, those big blockbusters will be in the theaters first. Disney+ will likely have them, but only after they premiere in theaters, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger. The home release date will be one to watch if you prefer to stream movies at home.

Here’s his quote from Barron’s:

"“Almost every movie the studio makes is a $100-million-plus movie, and we’re not looking to make movies at that level for the service,” Iger explained. “We’re looking to invest significantly in television series on a per-episode business, and we’re looking to make movies that are higher-budget, but nothing like that. We wouldn’t make a Star Wars movie for this platform. When everybody goes out on the weekend and you have a movie that opens up to $200 million, there’s a buzz that creates that enhances value. We like that. And eventually, the movies we’re making are going to [end up on] the service.”"

There was some confusion because Rian Johnson’s trilogy is still apparently a go. Some speculated or believed that his movies could be headed to Disney+ rather than the theaters.

But don’t worry Star Wars fans, you’re still going to get your movies in the theaters. That’s one thing you won’t have to worry about.

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Disney+ is expected to debut later this year.