Star Wars Resistance: 3 Big takeaways from “Dangerous Business”


Kaz finds more than he bargained for when he watches the store for Flix and Orka in Star Wars Resistance. Here are the three biggest takeaways from ‘Dangerous Business.’

Kaz found himself in another precarious but lucky situation on “Dangerous Business” on Star Wars Resistance.

Kaz was manning the store for Flix and Orka as an exchange for parts for the Fireball. When Teroj Kee came to “buy” a phase connector, Kaz explained they had one but it wasn’t for sale.

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It seems Teroj Kee already knew that and he tricked Kaz into going to a storage locker to get him out of the way. He planned on killing him by dumping him into the ocean, but, of course, Kaz managed to escape. Then, rather than let Teroj Kee get away, he followed him onto his ship where he found stormtroopers.

Kaz accidentally found himself in the middle of a First Order mission and got some extra intel out of it for the Resistance. After watching Star Wars Resistance ‘Dangerous Business,’ here are the three biggest takeaways from the episode.

Phase Connector

A phase connector is used by mining operations to drill into large asteroids or other type of rock installations, Kaz learned. The First Order needed one of these and tasked Teroj Kee to getting one.

So what does the First Order need with a phase connectors? That’s what Kaz wondered too. Previously, we learned the First Order was mining asteroids for Doonium and other metals used to create blasters. But they were mining so much that it was apparent they were creating an army – at least from the eyes of someone who knows what the First Order becomes.

So is the phase connector also for a similar operation or does it have something to do with the completion of Starkiller Base? Every time Kaz blocks a First Order mission, perhaps he delays the inevitable, but his homeworld of Hosnian Prime will eventually be disintegrated by Starkiller Base.

BB-8 is the best

BB-8 can hold his own, which is amazing for the little roller droid. Unfortunately, Teroj Kee got the better of him in the fight, but not without BB-8 getting in a few good kicks and shocks.

BB-8 is a great droid to have around. It’s resourceful, smart and ready to jump into action. One of the best sequences from ‘Dangerous Business’ was watching BB-8 fight with Teroj Kee.

STAR WARS RESISTANCE – “Dangerous Business” – In exchange for parts, Kaz minds acquisitions for Flix and Orka and comes into conflict with a shady alien customer in league with the First Order. This episode of “Star Wars Resistance” airs Sunday, Jan. 20 (10:00 – 10:30 P.M. EST) on Disney Channel. (Lucasfilm)


Kaz … is growing?

At the start of Star Wars Resistance, Kaz was a bit rough around the edges. He didn’t know anything about being a mechanic, he had a hard time getting his new colleagues to warm up to him and he was a bad spy.

But ‘Dangerous Business’ showed Kaz improving in all of these areas. He managed to upgrade the Fireball with minimal mistakes, got smiles and praise from Tam, and Orka and Flix trusted him enough to watch their store.

Also, rather than trust Teroj Kee at his word, he actually found him super shady and trusted his instincts to learn more about what he could possibly be up to.

This type of growth is important because it actually makes Kaz more likable. He still has that lovable nature about him, and a good heart – he was sad when he thought Bitey died – but the more he is exposed to the First Order, the more he realizes the galaxy isn’t as friendly and trustworthy as he is.

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‘Dangerous Business’ was a solid Star Wars Resistance episode. It combined the lightheartedness of Kaz’s personality with the underlying danger of the First Order and the Colossus at large.

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