Star Wars Resistance: Are the pirates about to betray the First Order?


The First Order has largely relied on pirates in order to secure the Colossus on Star Wars Resistance. A new teaser hints that the First Order might not be able to trust the pirates much longer, though.

Hired by the First Order, the pirates have been paid to conduct raids against the Colossus in Star Wars Resistance. The idea is that Captain Doza will eventually consent to the First Order serving as security aboard the Colossus, feeling as though the First Order are the only ones who can protect the station from pirate attacks. This would allow the First Order to finally take control of the Colossus and use it in their war against the Resistance and the larger galaxy.

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Despite the pirates’ attacks and being a former Imperial himself, Captain Doza has stood his ground and refused to make a deal with the First Order. As much as he wants better security and for the pirate attacks to stop, Doza is wise enough to recognize the dangerous nature of the First Order and that they will make life worse for his people.

A teaser for the next Star Wars Resistance episode “The Doza Dilemma” features the First Order’s Commander Pyre discussing with the pirates about how they can finally convince the stubborn Captain Doza to change his mind.

Commander Pyre was one of the ones to suggest the plan with the pirates in the first place, so he’s desperate to make it work as its ongoing failure makes him look bad in front of his superiors like Captain Phasma. The pirates aren’t too happy about how things have been going either.

The “something precious” that Pyre suggests the pirates take is clearly going to be Captain Doza’s daughter and Ace pilot Torra Doza. Captain Doza hasn’t taken the First Order’s bait yet, but pirates taking his daughter hostage would certainly change his stance.

More intriguing is how this clip teases the pirates potentially betraying the First Order. The pirates are angry at how many ships and men they’ve lost during their raids on the Colossus. They’re about to cut ties and only stay for now because Pyre agrees to triple the money in exchange for them taking “something precious” from Captain Doza.

This is only a band-aid for the bigger issue, though. The pirates are going to continue to endure heavy losses as Kaz, the Aces, and many others on the Colossus continue to prove far more resourceful than the pirates anticipate. Even if the pirates succeed, they will eventually be stabbed in the back by the First Order, who will surely dispose of the pirates once they see no further use for them.

The pirates’ mole, Synara, aboard the Colossus has also found herself growing closer with individuals such as Kaz, Tam, and Torra. She will be essential to the pirates successfully kidnapping Torra and holding her hostage. Her relationships with these characters will likely give Synara a change of heart in where her loyalties lie.

Without the help of their mole, the pirates won’t get too far in their new mission. Synara may even be able to change the rest of the pirates’ minds, making them see that their alliance with the First Order has already cost them too much, and will only cost them more dearly moving forward.

This development from Synara in addition to the pirates’ growing frustration and worsening relationship with the First Order makes it seem like a betrayal is on the verge of happening. In fact, “The Doza Dilemma” might be where it occurs as Synara and the pirates refuse to kidnap Torra or to keep her as a hostage. It would be a neat twist to see those of the Colossus teaming up with the pirates to combat the First Order as the season progresses.

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