Is Disney rolling out multiple Episode IX teaser trailers during the Super Bowl?


After reports of a December Star Wars Episode IX teaser trailer release fell flat, is Disney prepping for Super Bowl Sunday? And more than one teaser? This could be interesting.

In a move that would please rabid Star Wars fans there may be reason to tune into the Super Bowl on February 3, which has always been a platform for upcoming movies. A new suggestion is out Disney is going to showcase not only one teaser trailers but three of them.

Remember, none of this is confirmed. Please take this with a grain of salt.

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While most advertising television spots are around 30 seconds, Star Wars could break the mold. Not sure IF the leak is accurate how they would do this. Perhaps, one before kickoff, on at halftime and the final one after the game? But it is enough to get the blood pumping.

Releasing three teasers could be calculated. Perhaps to get some fans to think of something other than The Last Jedi. 

Actually that would be a brilliant move on Disney’s part, especially coming off the box office disappointment of Solo.

Again if the leak is accurate that would mean the title would be revealed at some point before the Super Bowl. Something for fans to keep an eye out for — not like they needed a reason.

It all boils down to this: the Super Bowl makes all the sense in the world to release a teaser trailer. But to either break it down into three parts or to actually have three teasers ready to roll shows that Disney is in damage control.

Whenever we get to see the first trailer, hopefully it will come sooner rather than later.

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Episode IX is scheduled to come out on December 20.