Obi-Wan Kenobi making an Episode IX appearance?


He was heard in voice only in The Force Awakens. Could Obi-Wan Kenobi show up in the next installment of Star Wars? If so what would it look like? One thing for sure is fans would eat it up.

With the rumored Obi-Wan stand alone either cancelled or put on hold, depending who you listen to and trust, could Obi-Wan actually appear in more than voice form in Episode IX? It is a question that must be asked given the current state of Star Wars. And given how Kenobi is a central character of sort.

The Prequel trilogy saw Ewan McGregor bring Obi-Wan to the forefront of Star Wars. He was hands down the best part of a trilogy, mostly unliked by fans. It would be a nice way to help close out the Skywalker portion of the Star Wars franchise.

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For a while there were rumors McGregor had been seen on the Episode IX set. A rumor that was not addressed by director J.J. Abrams, McGregor or anyone affiliated with the film. So that remains a grey area.

If the legendary Kenobi is indeed in the final, then it would more than likely by as a Force ghost with an outside possibility of a flashback scene. Much like Anakin, Luke and Leia Obi-Wan Kenobi is an integral part of the Skywalker story. So while there is not conformation it makes a lot of sense to include him in the film.

I know that many fans think if there is going to be a Force ghost it will be Luke Skywalker. That does make sense from a certain point of view. However, what’s to say there will not be more than one ghost like in Return of the Jedi?

In the end it is just one more thing to ponder as fans play the waiting game to see anything from the movie.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to come out on December 20.