Did Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker really hate each other?


It’s long been rumored that the actors who originally played famous droid duo C-3PO and R2-D2 hated each other in real life. Is this Star Wars fact or simply fiction?

For decades, Star Wars fans have speculated about more than just the films and shows themselves. The actors involved, like any celebrities, have also faced relentless gossip about their off-screen relationships.

Extending beyond possible romances between onscreen lovers (Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford did have a thing going on while filming), rumors circulated about the absolute hatred between Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) and R2-D2 (Kenny Baker).

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This Star Wars rumor, at least, is a true one. Well, mostly true, anyway.

According to The Telegraph, the two Star Wars actors didn’t have the underlying appreciation for each other that their constantly-bickering characters did. But the extent of their hatred for each other may have been exaggerated.

The two didn’t have much face-to-face time during filming. It’s kind of hard to converse casually when you’re encased in metal. But the two didn’t really speak much to one another off set either, which may have been where the assumptions of a mutual loathing began.

Baker did clarify that there was never technically a ‘feud’ between the two actors. They may not have been good friends, but the late actor was quick to point out that Daniels never really seemed to get along with anyone — it wasn’t just him.

In 2015, Daniels admitted that he hadn’t seen or spoken to Baker in years and that he didn’t wish to comment on the actors’ comments toward him.

When Kenny Baker passed away in August 2016, Daniels joined the original cast and company in offering their condolences. He tweeted about the event, but offered no words to suggest he felt any sort of emotion about the loss.

Did the two men hate each other? Maybe ‘hate’ is too strong of a word. According to Baker, they just didn’t like each other’s company, and one may have been more at fault than the other.

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But that doesn’t take away from the always-touching relationship between the fandom’s favorite droids. Did your heart break a little in The Force Awakens when C-3PO said R2 may never wake up? Did it soar when he finally did? Best friends forever. On-screen, at least.