Star Wars: Episode IX: Anthony Daniels hints at possible title reveal


A recent tweet from Anthony Daniels seems to indicate that something major is coming regarding Star Wars: Episode IX.

C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels has Star Wars fans on the edge of our seats after tweeting a cryptic message earlier today.

In a tweet, Daniels seems to be referencing a possible Star Wars: Episode IX teaser or title reveal coming soon.

"“How strange. I am receiving images of something amazing coming towards us – travelling over decades through space and time – reaching out to all humans on this planet with its message. What could it be? Should I be afraid? Should you? Stay tuned.”"

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After the Super Bowl left us hanging with no trailer, Daniels’s message gives fans something to look forward to. Even though reports said that there’d be no Star Wars spot during the big game, I still held out hope.

It’s hard not to take this as a confirmation from Daniels that an Episode IX reveal (teaser or otherwise) is coming soon. The sequel trilogy’s conclusion is just under a year away, but if you ask me, a trailer or title can’t come soon enough. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of calling this thing Episode IX.

Additionally, Disney has its investor call on Tuesday and Good Morning America tweeted it had a big announcement coming tomorrow as well. It could be all unrelated, but we’ll be paying attention nevertheless.

I’m hoping that Daniels is hinting at a title, mostly because titles can really set the tone early. Yeah, trailers can do that as well, but remember when The Last Jedi got its name revealed? It sparked a ton excitement, even without a trailer to go with it.

Daniels, who recently wrapped filming on Episode IX, is clearly a trustworthy source here. To me, it’s just a matter of how soon we’ll get out first look at the trilogy’s finale (hopefully this week?). If it’s a trailer, don’t expect too much. If it’s a title–well, it could get the creative juices flowing for the Star Wars fan base.

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