No, it wasn’t Gary in the Harrison Ford Super Bowl commercial


One Super Bowl commercial stood out to Star Wars fans as Harrison Ford made an appearance with a tiny dog, but it wasn’t the dog many hoped it was.

People watch the Super Bowl for more than just the game. For some, it’s all about the commercials as companies try their best to capture the attention of audiences with humor or tugging at heart strings.

One commercial caught the eye of some Star Wars fans – no, it wasn’t a trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX or a title reveal. That did not happen.

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Harrison Ford – better known as Han Solo in these parts – was in an Amazon commercial for Alexa. But the scruffy, nerd herder wasn’t the star of the spot, it was his dog that managed to order tons of dog food through his Alexa-enabled dog collar.

But some fans on social media wondered if the dog in the ad was Gary, the late Carrie Fisher’s faithful sidekick.

It was not.

While that would have been a fantastic idea to think Gary is running around with his space dad, a quick picture of Gary and the commercial dog side-by-side reveals the two are not the same, but that didn’t stop many from wondering.

Carrie Fisher and Gary were inseparable over the last several years of her life. Where ever Carrie was, Gary was sure to be by her side. He sat in on interviews, signing sessions,  pop up on set and go to screenings. He was an important part of her life, so it’s not surprising fans who knew about their relationship connected the small, scruffy dog in the commercial with Fisher.

Even though Fisher is not around, we feel confident that Gary is getting all the love he needs right now. Perhaps a new friend will gift him some Prime-delivered dog food to his house.

While we didn’t get a Star Wars: Episode IX-related spot in the Super Bowl this year, fans did have something to talk about. Now, we’ll just have to likely wait until Star Wars Celebration to get the long-awaited trailer.

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What Super Bowl commercial did you like best this year?