Star Wars: Episode IX: New rumor suggests (spoiler) will die


A new Star Wars: Episode IX rumor has hit, and as with any rumor take it with a pinch of salt. But if true this is a big one. A really big one.

Note: Only read further if you up for potential spoilers from the unconfirmed rumor.

She has been a central figure throughout the sequel trilogy. She was thought by many to either strike down or swing Kylo Ren to the light side, but a new rumor suggests a new ending for our heroin.

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Rey, burst onto the Star Wars scene as a Force-sensitive orphan, shrouded in mystery. Here background seems to cause moments of torment. Yet, she was focused enough to find Luke Skywalker.

All the while having clashes with Kylo Ren, the rumor has Rey losing her life at the hands of Ren. It could possibly seal any redemptive thoughts fans may have had for the First Order leader.

It would be a twist for sure. Having said all that, we don’t know if that is actually the case. And even those speaking on the rumor have also said, it’s possible Rey could be knocked out and unconscious in the scenes.

But if — a big IF — it were true, it would make Kylo Ren one of the most cold-hearted killers in Star Wars history.

While it would lend to Rey’s already tragic life. To be offered a seat next to Ren, by Ren himself and to turn it down only to be killed by him. Wow!

Kylo Ren would then take on being merciless. His fight is clearly with Luke Skywalker. With Luke seemingly out of the picture perhaps he sets his sights on Rey. He knows or has to know Rey has trained with the Jedi Master.

Again this is only an unconfirmed rumor. What are your thoughts?

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide on December 20.