Star Wars theory: The deeper meaning of Maul’s cameo in Solo


It was the scene no expected in last year’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. But since Maul’s cameo, fans have come up with an assortment of theories of how we could see the former Sith Lord again in a live-action film. So, what was the deeper meaning behind his arrival?

Despite the turbulence the Star Wars prequel movies encountered in the late ’90s-early ’00s, Darth Maul became a fan favorite. Viewers were left bewildered and upset by the Dark Side user’s death at Obi-Wan’s hand in The Phantom Menace’s climax.

During the third season of The Clone Wars, Maul became a central player from the episode Brothers onwards. His introduction into the series met with great fanfare from fans who feared they’d never seen him again on-screen.

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Maul and Qi’ra: A Star Wars Story?

We know from the bittersweet ending of Solo that Qi’ra has a secret allegiance with Sidious’s former apprentice. Question is, why?

The Zabrak served as a leader for the organization, Crimson Dawn. The public believed Dryden Vos to be the de facto head honcho of the group. After his demise, Maul contacted his spy, expressing his annoyance. Han’s ex-girlfriend tells him Tobias Beckett and his gang murdered their disciple.

If Maul and Qi’ra were to get their own film, what might it explore? We may get a live-action version of Dathomir and some Nightsisters. Maybe there’s another magical force out there that’s an off-shoot of the Nightsisters.

Another Comic Series?

Comic book enthusiasts would love another comic series on Maul. Where could it take the character we haven’t seen already? Much of the former Sith’s journey was completed in The Clone Wars and Rebels, and we remember he spent his exile after Naboo on Lotho Minor with no legs.

A Qi’ra And Maul Novel?

We might get a film or a printed work about Qi’ra’s time with her real boss. It would make sense to get one of these two formats rather than a comic off-shoot or one-shot. In a short story, you have limited time go over the whole story without creating a full issue.

With a novel, it would cover everything from her inner thoughts to the feelings on being summoned to her boss’s homeworld. It might explain her fate might be should she fail her mission. As for Maul’s appearance, the volume could explore some of his thoughts and his ambitions when dealing with his no-second-in-command.

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Maul’s appearance in Solo opened a new door for potential spinoffs for the Conqueror of Mandalore. There are avenues for the character to travel down since he’s popped up in two televisions shows, two films, and comics. Whatever Lucasfilm do next will blow minds.

What do you think Maul’s next adventure will entail? Let us know below!