Star Wars: One of the best Knights of Ren fan theories out there


A rather brilliant theory connects Rey and the Knights of Ren in a dark way. A way that will change the way we see the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Why haven’t Rey and the rest of the Resistance run into the Knights of Ren yet? We saw them ever so briefly in The Force Awakens. As director J.J. Abrams has stated he is looking to connect the Star Wars story to this point. So let us take a look at how that could be accomplished with an interesting fan theory.

We know the prequel trilogy focused and setting the Empire up through using clones. In Episode II we were even treated to the cloning facilities with Jango Fett used as the template. Although for all intents and purpose he is not that important to Star Wars: Episode IX.

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What is important however is the clones. How armies were created and used to fight with. Now flash forward to The Last Jedi.

While on Ahch-To in the cave Rey sees reflections of herself in the “mirror.” A cave that is strong with the dark side.

So the theory (which can be seen here) suggests that the Knights of Rey are actually clones of Rey.

It may seem far fetched, but at the same time it could be plausible.

One thing is for sure the Knights of Ren are shrouded in secrecy. Moreover, they seem to hold some sort of importance to the story. This begs, were the left out of The Last Jedi on purpose? So fans would sort of forget about them?

Just one more thing for Star Wars fans to think about.

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Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide on December 20.