Kylo’s Fate: Why Ben Solo should survive Star Wars: Episode IX


It may seem that Ben Solo is beyond hope and that Star Wars: Episode IX will see the death of Kylo Ren, but there is also a chance that the character could very well survive the upcoming finale.

With the Skywalker Saga coming to a close this year with Star Wars: Episode IX, speculation is at an all time high for the movie as everything surrounding it remains a mystery. Among these questions is none other than the direction for the movie’s villain: Kylo Ren.

When The Last Jedi came to an end, Kylo Ren found himself the new Supreme Leader of the First Order and now must deal with a new war as the Resistance was able to escape Ren’s grasp. In Episode IX there are certain directions that seem oblivious for Kylo Ren such as his inevitable duel with Rey. Yet some have wondered just what will happen to Kylo Ren as his fate may not be as straightforward as it appears.

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It may seem that Ben Solo is beyond hope and that Star Wars: Episode IX will see the death of Kylo Ren, but there is also a chance that the character could very well survive the upcoming finale; and I for one would not object to Kylo’s survival.

First and foremost let me say that the idea of Kylo Ren perishing is not unreasonable. After all, he is the main antagonist of the sequel trilogy and him meeting his demise could be a way to end the Skywalker line in the Star Wars galaxy.

However killing off Kylo Ren is too simple of a conclusion — even for Star Wars.

If Rey defeats Kylo Ren and Ben finds redemption in his final moments, it may be a dramatic moment but it would be walking into familiar territory as that could be too reminiscent to Vader’s fate in Return of the Jedi; and that could be problematic.

Yet perhaps the biggest reasons why killing Kylo Ren would be against the film’s best interest is because it would be an anticlimactic fate for Ben Solo. Many seem to gloss over this point but the sequel trilogy is as much Kylo Ren’s story as is it is Rey’s as his inner conflict has been a driving factor for the films. The question of whether or not Ben Solo will be redeemed needs a strong resolution, and killing him does not come off as a good way to conclude Ben’s story.

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So with that said what would be a good to finish off Kylo’s story?

While all of this is speculation, I think Kylo Ren will be redeemed at the end of the Episode IX. With everything that he has done it is hard to imagine that this dark-sider could find redemption; especially  when both Han and Rey tried  and failed to bring Ben back from darkness.

However perhaps in the end the one who saves Ben Solo is in fact Ben himself. Perhaps during the duel between Kylo and Rey, Ben has a moment of self discovery and finally turns away from the dark side. This could lead to Ben going into exile in order to atone for his actions and perhaps that leads him to a particular planet where he finds clarity (or perhaps it could be this planet).

I feel that this would make for a better ending for Kylo Ren as it would not only be different but it also give meaning to his arc in a way that a life ending sacrifice, even a noble one, could not do.

The fate of Kylo Ren is uncertain to the least. There are many ways the upcoming movie can end the character’s story as Ben Solo could survive the event or he could have an honorable death. Yet given the overall story of the Sequel Trilogy, the idea of Ben living has more meaning to it then him just becoming one with the force.

There are many things that Star Wars: Episode IX needs to resolve and the story of Kylo Ren is among them. Hopefully whatever the filmmakers have planned it will lead  an understandable fate that can conclude the character, and the conflict, of Kylo Ren.

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What do you want to see happen to Kylo Ren? Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide on December 20.