Star Wars Resistance recap: Why the First Order wants the Colossus


The First Order has been somewhat gentle up until now on Star Wars Resistance, but the games are over as the First Order has plans on taking over the Colossus — with force, if necessary.

The First Order hasn’t taken over the Colossus just yet, but it seems it’s only a matter of time because a strike force wrestles the platform away from Captain Doza and the current residents on Star Wars Resistance.

But now we actually know why the First Order has its sights set on the Colossus.

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On Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 15 “The New Trooper,” Kaz managed to infiltrate the evil group. He stole a data card from the First Order that revealed the location of quite a large number of First Order outposts. Too many, in fact.

And the Colossus is in the perfect spot to refuel its military fleet.

It’s become a vital outpost for the First Order and now Kaz, Yeager and the others will try figure out how to stop it.

While Kaz had his goofy moments — like throwing the droid’s head away — this episode had a more serious tone to it. Tam didn’t see the issue with the First Order since they’re “only trying to protect people.”

Yet, Yeager and the siblings, Kal and Eila, have seen what the First Order is really about. Yeager tries to explain how the Empire destroyed worlds while the children told her how they wiped out their homeworld.

It’s actually getting really dangerous now as we get closer to the events of The Force Awakens. The other issue we learned is that First Order is much larger than anyone anticipated, bigger than even the New Republic’s Navy. When you think of how the First Order wiped out the Hosnian Prime system and plenty of the New Republic’s ships, it makes you wonder what the rebellion could possibly do to save the galaxy in Star Wars: Episode IX. 

It finally seems like Yeager is a less reluctant aid in Kaz’s spying, especially now that he knows the truth. Kaz will also need the help of his friends and it seems like the only hold out is Tam, but even she is coming around as she learns more and more what the First Order is truly about.

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