Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 15: Watch online


Kaz finds himself in the middle of the First Order once again as he helps a couple of his friends on the next Star Wars Resistance.

The First Order is officially on the Colossus, and Kaz is getting closer and closer to finding out the truth. As a spy, Kaz manages to find himself in sticky situations on a constant basis on Star Wars Resistance.

This week’s episode is no different. This time, Kel and Eila are back and they are in need of help again. In order to aid them, Kaz dresses as a stormtrooper.

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Kaz is a good guy. He constantly inserts himself into situations to help others even if they are morally ambiguous much like he did with Synara. Kel and Eila are different as they’re just kids who found their way on to the Colossus as they were on the run from the First Order.

I imagine helping them out wasn’t even a second thought for Kaz — although his tactics sometimes leave a lot to be desired. The key thing though is that Kaz has a good heart and in the course of the first season of Star Wars Resistance, he has managed to make friends and allies, bringing people to his side.

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Here is the synopsis from The Disney Channel on Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 15:

"When Kel and Eila seek out Kaz’s help after knocking out a stormtrooper, Kaz dons the trooper’s armor to protect the kids and spy on the First Order."

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Here are the details on how you can stream Star Wars Resistance online.

Date: Sunday, Feb. 10
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: Season 1, Episode 15, “The New Trooper”
TV Channel: Disney Channel
Live StreamStream 1

Tune into Star Wars Resistance Sundays on Disney Channel at 10 p.m. ET.