Star Wars: Episode IX concept art leak is a treasure trove for fans


We’ve had some questionable Star Wars: Episode IX leaks recently. But not today. Today we have a leak which is a treasure trove for fans.

I’m a little unsure of what to do here. We’ve got a leak. A proper Star Wars: Episode IX leak. This isn’t like previous leaks we’ve reported on that were somewhat questionable. Concept art for Star Wars: Episode IX has been leaked and it’s filled to brim with little tidbits for us to talk about. Probably for months, in fact, there is just so much there.

Just a quick heads up before we go any further. We are about to go into spoiler territory so you if you wish to remain spoiler-free, please, do not read any further. Hit the back button now unless you are ok with spoilers.

OK. Let’s get to it then.

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The Star Wars: Episode IX leak first appeared on Reddit thanks to JediPaxis. Who posted17 concept art images of various characters. JediPaxis explained they had received them from a source who had proven to be correct in the past but could not be named for obvious reasons. Hence why JediPaxis posted the images and not the source.

Now, while the images have not come offically from Star Wars, and therefore could be questioned on whether it is legit Star Wars: Episode IX concept art or not. The images back up previous posts by Making Star Wars. Who, we all know, can be relied upon.

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Pretty much, we can rely on this being an authentic and genuine Star Wars: Episode IX leak. And there is so much to analyze and discuss. We’ve got Lando’s costume, Richard E. Grant in First Order uniform, Kylo’s reforged helmet, and the big thing a lot of people have been talking about, the Knight’s of Ren.

There is so much there that we would literally be here all day talking about it. We’re not going to do that right now. We’re going to look at it all in great depth ourselves and break things down for you. So keep an eye out on that coming soon. For now though, check out the leaked Star Wars: Episode IX concept art over on Reddit here.

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What jumped out at you the most in the concept art? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.