Star Wars: Did another actor just finish filming Episode IX?


Another Star Wars actor has seemingly wrapped up filming for Star Wars: Episode IX. This time, it’s the other half of the best droid duo that ever was.

That’s a wrap on R2-D2 — or so it seems.

As filming gets closer to completing for Star Wars: Episode IX, several actors have revealed their portions of the acting has completed. In this case, it seems the latest is Jimmy Vee, the man behind the lovable droid known as R2-D2.

Vee took over the role as R2-D2 after the passing of Kenny Baker in 2017.

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While Vee didn’t tweet out a long good bye as soon of his counterparts have (Anthony Daniels and Brian Herring), we’re led to believe that his part in the story is over. It’s likely the principle photograph will also be completed this month, so it won’t be surprising if we see more and more of the actors give their fond farewells to the iconic franchise.

R2-D2 has been a mainstay in Star Wars since the beginning. Baker was the original actor inside the droid, but the part was given to Vee after Baker’s death.

However, Artoo has always been a hero in the films – and animated series. He’s managed to save our human and Wookiee heroes plenty of times and had a strong bond with many of the characters, including C-3PO.

It’s no surprise that Vee would post a picture of Artoo and Threepio as his good bye – even if he is just saying good bye to Anthony Daniels.

When many fans think of one of the droids, the other inevitably comes to mind.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Star Wars: Episode IX … like pretty much everything. So, while we wait to get more news, including a title, we will remember all the great times we had with R2-D2.

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