HBO exec confirms Benioff & Weiss Star Wars trilogy


A HBO executive confirmed that after the final season of Game of Thrones, David Benioff & D.B. Weiss will be taking a hiatus from HBO to make a trilogy of movies in a galaxy far, far away.

The final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones will soon be upon us, and as anticipated as the conclusion of the show is, speculation is also rampant with regards to what David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the show’s co-creators and show runners  have planned for their careers in the future.

Originally, Benioff and Weiss were slated to begin production on a new original series for HBO called Confederate, which was said to be an alternate-history series taking place in the present day after the Union lost the American Civil War, and a number of states that seceded remain part of a Confederacy. However, over the past few months, it had been rumored that the two were in talks to work with Disney to produce new Star Wars films.

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Recently, HBO executive Casey Bloys recently stated in an interview with TV Line that the series was to be delayed indefinitely and that Benioff and Weiss were to begin working on a new trilogy of Star Wars films once they finish production on the final season of Game of Thrones. Specifically in the interview, he states the following:

"“Dan and David are finishing up the final season [of Game of Thrones] and then they are going to go into the Star Wars universe. When they come out of that, I assume they will come back to us… The delay has to do with [the fact] that they were offered three movies.”"

Obviously, the big take away from this interview is that it confirms that Benioff and Weiss will begin production on their Star Wars films soon and that they a trilogy is confirmed. There’s been talk of the trilogy before, we’re just waiting on the details.

This report has cleared up a lot of uncertainty from the recent months regarding the future of Star Wars films

Following the “mixed” critical reaction from The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story  under performing at the box office, the release of Episode IX was reported to be a “Course Correction” for the franchise and Disney CEO Bob Iger suggested that Lucasfilm’s aggressive release schedule would slow down, including the reported cancellation of the Obi-Wan and Boba Fett anthology films.

Aside from J.J. Abram’s Episode IX, which will be the final entry into the new trilogy of films, and Rian Johnson’s upcoming Star Wars film trilogy, there were no other films confirmed to still be in development in the near future, and we don’t have dates on any of the above either.

Not much is known regarding exactly what Benioff and Weiss’s new trilogy of films will be about, but it is most likely to beset outside of the main saga of films, which primarily follows the Skywalker lineage, as well as Johnson’s trio of films.

It is still relatively unknown if this new trilogy of films will be a completely new entry into Star Wars lore or if it will take references from Legends, similarly to the way they structured Game of Thrones based off of the books by George R.R. Martin but not a beat for beat retelling.

Personally, I would love to see their take on a Knights of the Old Republic movie trilogy, but we will just have to wait and see.

Either way, after seeing their track record as creators and story tellers from watching Game of Thrones over the years, I’m sure whatever they come up with will be well worth watching.

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