Topps 2019 Star Wars: Black and White Review


Topps recently released a brand new Star Wars Black and White series of trading cards. This time, it’s focused on Empire Strikes Back.

Topps – the name you probably associate with baseball cards – also has Star Wars on lock down, providing a number of different products for fans and collectors.

Towards the end of January, Topps released Star Wars Black and White: The Empire Strikes Back cards. They were kind enough to send me a hobby box to take a look at and I’m happy to report the product is very, very cool.


The box comes with seven sealed packs and each of those packs contains eight individual trading cards. So you can expect nearly 60 cards per hobby box.

Included are seven parallels – some of which come numbered (I had three that were numbered out of 99).

And then there’s the ‘big fish,’ if you will. What card collector’s call a ‘hit.’ That refers to card that is of high value. Usually that means it is a short-printed card, a card with an autograph or a card containing a piece of memorabilia.

In the case of Star Wars Black and White: The Empire Strikes Back, each hobby box contains either one autograph or one original sketch card.

To be honest, I had my fingers crossed for an autograph. I didn’t get one, instead pulling a sketch of R2-D2 from Jude Gallagher. After seeing it, I certainly have no regrets. The artwork is stunning and is signed on the back of the card. It’s so unique that it made the entire experience worth it.


Keep in mind, there are a ton of incredible ‘hits’ out there, too. Single, dual and even six-person autograph cards are out there.

For the base set, you can expect some beautiful black and white photography from The Empire Strikes Back, plus behind-the-scenes images, plus iconic character inserts and movie posters shrunk down to card size.

Overall Verdict

If you’re a fan of Star Wars – or a collector of Star Wars memorabilia – then you need to give this set a try. The sketch cards make for great display pieces and a fun base-set of cards to collect make this a really enjoyable product.

You can get yours from Topps right now. 

Nathan Cunningham had the product supplied by Topps for the purpose of creating this post.