Star Wars: Episode IX: Will a Snoke and Sidious connection surface?


Are there connections that Star Wars fans can make between Snoke and Darth Sidious? Let us look at facts with a few rumors sprinkled in.

Two Star Wars characters who seem to mirror each other in a round about way are Darth Sidious and Snoke. What do these two dark characters have that could connect them?

To begin with, we know is Snoke wore a ring made from obsidian found on Mustafar, the same place Sidious rescued a burning Anakin Skwalker.

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There has been some speculation that Star Wars: Episode IX could have a flashback scene that reveals Snoke in a throne room surrounded by Dwartii statues. Let’s pretend for a moment this speculation could be true — though we know there is nothing concrete just yet.

As chance would have it the same statues Sidious had in his quarters. So there is a connection as far as that goes. IF the speculation holds true, there is huge connection between the two, which is  more out in the open.

Sidious, was killed by Darth Vader, Snoke was killed by Kylo Ren. This is a connection that actually links all four characters. Masters and apprentices.

What is unknown at this time is if Ren wanted to truly follow in Vader’s footsteps and take out his master for his own gain. Or if Snoke allowed himself to be struck down knowing that he has studied the works of Darth Plagueis and would be able to overcome death.

One other RUMOR is that Ren and Sidious will be in a scene together. But that seems out of place.

For that to happen it would have to be some sort of dream sequence. Personally I do not see that being very plausible. So until we know for sure, we wait for movement of the Episode IX front.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is schedule to release worldwide December 20.