Star Wars: The emotion attached to Episode IX and the Skywalker saga


It has been an institution. The Skywalker story is set to close December 2019. Fans are sure to have strong emotions about the end of the biggest Star Wars story.

For those of us blessed to see all the Star Wars films in their original format — on their first run in theaters — there is a certain amount of mixed emotions as the end of the Skywalker story is slated to hit theaters in late 2019.

I honestly do not know what emotions fans will show. Luke Skywalker has been many things to many people. As I am sure Anakin Skywalker was also to a younger crowd. Now with the final chapter close to post production it is becoming more real — this is it.

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To say the franchise is so many things to so many people and that it has gained fans since the release of 1977’s A New Hope is an understatement. Now a big part of Star Wars is going to fade to black and there is a certain amount of sadness attached with it.

Sure there will be new films, new stories, new characters. But for the original fans nothing will beat the Skywalker story. It is so engrained in us. For now it is all we know. There may be a fan or two who leaves it at these stories.

No matter how well a movie was made or how wooden the acting was, it was still our movies and still part of the Skywalker’s journey. The ups and downs of family, choices and relationships. It all fit. That is the joy of this particular story.

In the end, the franchise will go on. But the Skywalker story will have a special sentimental place in fans’ hearts.

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How do you feel about the Skywalker saga ending?