C-3PO’s Best Moments from Star Wars

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C-3PO returns to the screen in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones when Anakin Skywalker returns home to see his mother after having horrible reoccurring nightmares about her. The first person Anakin meets is C-3PO who is overjoyed to be reunited with him. C-3PO even recognizes Padme. Unfortunately, the visit is short as Anakin could not save his mother.

C-3PO joins Anakin, Padme, and R2-D2 as they leave to travel to the planet Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi. Hijinks ensue during the failed rescue mission but C-3PO’s body mixup with a battle droid isn’t making the list. Something a little more meaningful, if you will, did.

By the end of the film, Anakin and Padme decide to secretly wed on her planet Naboo and guess who the two witnesses are? Yes, C-3PO and R2-D2 witnessed this sacred union of true love between Jedi Knight and senator. What makes this moment worthy of the list is the fact that C-3PO was chosen to witness something that is forbidden to Jedi.

Logically Anakin and Padme did not have a long list of people they could choose as witnesses of their wedding. With the majority being Jedi or political figures, they could not just pick anyone and beg them to keep this secret. Their decision was simple. Anakin had found and repaired C-3PO as a child while R2-D2 was the only survivor of four astromech droids who repaired Queen Amidala’s starship.

The two stand silently and watch the wedding unfold before the film cuts to the end credits.