Star Wars: 5 times Padmé saved the day


Star Wars: The Clone Wars were a time that saw a great Jedi fall to the darkness and his wife die. His secret lover and the mother of his children saved the galaxy from tyranny in ways than anyone might not think possible.

Padmé Amidala wasn’t your average woman. She served her home planet as monarch at 14 and secretly married a Jedi Knight at 24 while working as a senator. She’s an unsung hero who didn’t gain the same recognition the peacekeepers received. Her successes were passed off as minor and never mentioned again in Star Wars.

As the war served as an important time, here are five times the former Queen of Naboo saved the day.

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5. Anakin Loses His Lightsaber (S1E22: Hostage Crisis)

Padmé’s life as the secret wife to the most famous Jedi in the galaxy didn’t lose momentum. She’d decline his romantic gestures because of work commitments, though he had a Plan B.

As a show of faith he trusted her, the Jedi handed her his laser sword. She commented that it was heavier than she’d imagined. They shared a kiss before the moment was interrupted with her hubby being forced to hide under the desk.

The incident takes a turn when Padmé and her fellow senators get ambushed in the lobby of the Senate Complex. They’re searched for weapons and stripped of them if found. Padmé tells her friend, Bail Organa they cannot search her. When asked why she shows him the lightsaber hidden up her sleeve. Though, she doesn’t explain how she acquired it.

When Anakin gets cornered by Cad Bane’s thugs, he goes to reach for his weapon before realizing his wife still has it. Without it, he’s defenseless and is rendered unconscious. He ends up getting put with the captured politicians before Padmé uses the saber to free him from his restraints.

4. Cornering Ziro And Saving Anakin And Ahsoka (Movie)

Padmé’s TCW debut came in the Clone Wars film where she helps create a treaty between the Hutt clans and the Republic. However, it was her husband and his Padawan’s first mission together that found her cornering Jabba’s uncle Ziro.

Her quest starts when she goes to the Chancellor’s office to speak with him about Naboo’s security measures. The secret Sith Lord mentions a skirmish involving Anakin and Obi-Wan. Concerned, she declares she’ll go to see the older slug to get the Jedi Knight and his new apprentice out of trouble. Palpatine tries to stop her, but cannot and warns her to be careful.

Her journey sours when a criminal has her locked up and almost executed. Luckily, she’d used reverse psychology on the Battle Droids to get them to open a comm link to C-3PO. The droid raises the alarm and Clone Troopers storm the hideout.

Sometime later, Anakin and Ahsoka are accused of kidnapping Rotta and despite his safe return by them, Jabba still wants their heads. The senator contacts Jabba and has the elder Hutt confess to working with Count Dooku and framing them for baby-napping.

3. Jar Jar Becomes A Jedi (S1E08: Bombad Jedi)

Nothing says blunder like Jar Jar Binks. In the Season 1 Episode 8, Bombad Jedi, Padmé saves her friends from the likes of Nute Gunray. When her friend, Onaconda Farr side with the CIS, the Naboo senator gets arrested and thrown in a cell. She’s able to free herself while her companions cause unspeakable damage to rescue her.

It’s a tie as to who saved who in the episode. At least our favorite aggressive negotiator did some rescuing.

2. Representing Ahsoka (S5E18-20)

During the final year of the war, Padmé is called upon by when Ahsoka gets arrested for terrorism. Anakin becomes desperate to save his apprentice and recruits his wife.

The senator formed a close bond with the Togruta teenager during the war, jumps at the chance to help. Knowing the Jedi student, Padmé realizes she’s been set up and does everything she can to prove the Padawan didn’t commit the crimes she’d accused of. Elsewhere, Anakin summons Ventress when he learns she was framed too.

The senator keeps the trial going until her husband can find the terrorist. She almost fails when Tarkin goes to carry out the verdict when the Chosen One barges in with Barriss Offee.

1. The Horrific Ex (S2E02: Senate Spy)

In the new canon, Padmé has at least three suitors that have received names. She married Anakin in Attack of the Clones, but before him, her lovers included Palo and Rush Clovis. In The Clone Wars episode, Senate Spy, the former Queen of Naboo goes undercover to root out her former lover’s seedy activities.

In the first part of the episode, the Jedi Council ask Padmé to act as its spy. They explain Senator Clovis got involved with evil and gives her permission to find out what he’s doing. Their request surprises her husband. Anakin had no idea of his missus’s previous involvement with the target.

Her mission is to get close just enough for him to surrender an important datachip with information on it. It’s understandable that Anakin is against his wife going undercover. He tries to talk her down but fails. He disguises himself as her pilot to keep an eye on the situation.

As the assignment progresses, Padmé sees her chance. She jumps into her former lover’s arms and pickpockets him, stealing the chip. The whole situation didn’t sit well with her husband, who hated his other half being in the arms of another man, even if it was pretend.

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Padmé Amidala might’ve been forgotten by the galaxy, but she hasn’t been forgotten by the fans. She’s a hero like Anakin, Luke, and Leia, but her efforts were drowned out by her opponents. She should’ve been given more credit when she needed it most. In the end, she proved to many people she was brave and unyielding.

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