Star Wars: Episode IX trailer footage rumored to be in theaters


According to a recent report, Star Wars: Episode IX trailer footage has begun to arrive in theaters. Does this mean the trailer will be released soon?

Star Wars: Episode IX is still just that, Star Wars: Episode IX. We still have no idea what the official name of the latest Star Wars movie will be and we are still waiting for our first glance of the movie as well. That could be about to end tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 15, as Star Wars: Episode IX trailer footage has supposedly arrived in theaters.

The report comes via Fantha Tracks, who reported that theaters in the UK have received a Digital Cinema Package, or DCP, from Disney. They have been labeled TT1-SW9, or Teaser Trailer 1 Star Wars 9.

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Unfortunately, the packages have been encrypted so the contents of the package have not yet been opened. But, considering they have been labeled encrypted Teaser Trailer 1 Star Wars 9, we can all safely assume what is inside. Our first look at the upcoming movie.

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Most likely the title of the movie will be contained in the first look footage as well. Disney would have refrained from printing it on the package for fear of the title being leaked.

From past experience, the arrival of the DCP could mean the official teaser trailer will be released on Friday, Feb. 15. This is based on how long it took Disney to officially release the Aladdin trailer after the DCP was distributed.

Just because it is being distributed in UK theaters doesn’t mean we will have to wait any longer across the Atlantic. It may take longer for it to be shown in theaters over here, but you can bet that once it is released in UK theaters it will be shared officially on social media at the same time for the rest of the world to see.

This, of course, has to be taken lightly. As there is no official confirmation from Star Wars, this could play out to be nothing at all or be 100 percent accurate. I guess we’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

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What do you think? Will the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer be dropped tomorrow, Feb. 15? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.