How to stream Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 16 online


Poe and Kaz head out on another mission before Poe heads  outon his own trip to Jakku. Get the details on how you can stream Star Wars Resistance online.

Poe Dameron is back. With the pilot returning, you always know the mission is about to go up a notch on Star Wars Resistance.

This time look to be no different as Poe checks in with Kaz to see everything the Resistance spy has learned. What’s also interesting about Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 16 “The Core Problem” is that we see we are right up against the events of The Force Awakens.

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When Poe shows up to talk to Kaz, he’s also there take BB-8 back with him. In this preview clip, we see Poe letting Kaz and Yeager know he is headed for a mission on Jakku. We all knew this moment we coming, but why did it come so soon?

However, we aren’t going to jump right into The Force Awakens moments just yet. We still have another episode or two before that. Yet, that’s when the real drama will happen. Because even though I think Kaz is starting to understand the gravity of the situation, I don’t think anyone really truly gets just how evil the First Order actually is.

That’s the benefit we have of knowing what’s coming before the characters do.

Yet, we will need a few more missions just to explain how the First Order came to rise. That’s something Star Wars Resistance has done a better job of than the movies. While the films started with the First Order on the brink of its rise to power, the animated series has shown us some of the smaller steps it took to get there.

Tune into tonight’s episode of Star Wars Resistance and get the details below on how you can stream it online. Here’s the synopsis to Season 1, Episode 16 “The Core Problem” from The Disney Channel:

"Poe and Kaz make an unsettling discovery and must evade the First Order when they are spotted by an enemy probe droid."

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Here are the details on how you can stream Star Wars Resistance online.

Date: Sunday, Feb. 17
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: Season 1, Episode 16, “The Core Problem”
TV Channel: Disney Channel
Live StreamStream 1

Tune into Star Wars Resistance Sundays on Disney Channel at 10 p.m. ET.