Mark Hamill pokes fun at Star Wars meme and leaves fans laughing


Legendary Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, who loves to interact with fans on social media has struck again. This time his target was a Star Wars meme and his reaction was priceless.

Easily one of the most front-and-center celebrities, Mark Hamill is known for his fantastic sense of humor, birthday wishes and general appreciation for what Star Wars and voice over work has done for him.

The best thing Hamill does on social media is take over the top serious Star Wars fans and break the ice with a joke or a question. Fans can indeed be way too serious. So to see Hamill in his element and bring smiles and laughs to people is great. Here was the tweet in question:

It goes without saying serious or non-serious fans who have watched the movies a time or two can tell you this never happened in the film. Still it did not cause Hamill from poking holes and created a Twitter storm by posting it.

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Hamill is the last guy who cares if people laugh at Star Wars. Hamill makes fun of himself quiet often. There is a funny story about how this post came to be.

Mark Hamill was asked questions about Episode IX from a fan — questions we have all been asking about title and trailer. Hamill has said more than once on the social media site that he signed an agreement and if he breaks it it would not go well for him.

So instead he fired off the meme post and claimed his memory was not what it once was. Never change Mr. Hamill. The Force is with you!

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What do you think of the meme? Is it one of your favorite ones?