Sith who could headline their own show


Now that Disney is considering a Darth Bane show, who else from the Dark Side could head up their own Star Wars series?

Sometimes, things are better off as shows than movies. Since it seems like Disney is moving away from standalone films, Star Wars TV shows might become more and more common.

Disney+ is already loaded up on Star Wars content, with shows like The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars, and the Cassian Andor series coming. Now, a Darth Bane series is being considered, which tells me that Disney is willing to go down a darker path like they did with Rogue One.

To me, a Sith series would have to be much more serious and threatening in tone than Rogue One was (and Rogue One was pretty hopeless at some points). A Sith-focused show would need to convey their nature over the course of a season, which could actually be pretty effective. Take a look at what Netflix and Marvel did with The Punisher. There’s no way you could’ve gotten to know Frank Castle that well in a movie–the same could be said for Sith Lords, if Disney is willing to go all-in.

Here’s some Dark Side users that could make for an interesting show.

Darth Tenebrous

Tenebrous was Darth Plagueis’s master, and he’s in the Plagueis novel right at the beginning. Still, his influence on his apprentice is felt throughout the book. His death at Plagueis’s hands was just classic Sith protocol, but I thought that his impact on future lines of Sith was cool.

Tenebrous set the stage for Sith Lords like Plagueis and SIdious to balance their public and private lives. In the prequels and The Clone Wars, we see how Palpatine shifts between his political and Sidious personas. Tenebrous was the model for this, going by his real name Rugess Nome and becoming a respected ship designer.

A show featuring Tenebrous could also feature an interesting flaw in his rule. Tenebrous broke the Rule of Two set forth by Darth Bane, training an apprentice known as Darth Venamis on the side. The only problem with a Tenebrous show is that he’s a Bith, which could cause some unintended laughs since the only significant Biths we’ve seen were in the cantina band. Maybe Tenebrous played a little sax?

Darth Revan

This one really goes without saying.

Revan fought in the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. He was Mace Windu before Mace Windu, balancing both sides of the Force. I don’t really need any more evidence than that.

A Revan show would appease fans like nothing that came before it. One season could focus on the Mandalorian Wars, another on the Jedi War. You could go into his times with Malak and his training in the Jedi Order, or maybe get the awesome duel between him and Mandalore Ultimate in live-action.

Revan’s show could possibly tie-in to a Knights of the Old Republic trilogy from Benioff and Weiss. Think about that for a minute.

Darth Bane

Photo credit: Lucasfilm/The Clone Wars

My fellow Dork Sider Callum Gunn went into this a little bit when the news first broke, and I couldn’t agree more.

Darth Bane created the Rule of Two. He set the stage for the Sith for thousands of years, and for the most part, it’s been pretty effective. Palpatine was able to transform the Republic into the Empire, Snoke did the same with the First Order, and Plagueis was able to manipulate midi-chlorians, partly with knowledge gained from his master.

Other than that brief appearance in The Clone Wars, we don’t know much about Bane. Unless you’ve read his trilogy by Drew Karpyshyn (still not canon), there isn’t a lot to work with in this department. Still, seeing how Bane crafted the Rule of Two and reinvented the Sith Order would be so compelling.

Count Dooku

Photo credit: Lucasfilm

The odds of getting a Count Dooku movie were slim before Christopher Lee passed. After he died, it seemed impossible. After this news about a Bane show being considered, anything is possible I think.

Dooku’s show wouldn’t start out as a Sith show, but rather take a look at his days in the Jedi Order and his training with Yoda. Then, you could have a season solely focused on training Qui-Gon, and the show could go all the way up to Qui-Gon’s death, the thing that pulled Dooku to the Dark Side in the first place.

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What Sith would you like to see headline their own Star Wars show? Let us know in the comments.