Star Wars Resistance shows the progression of Starkiller Base


Star Wars Resistance gives a look at how the First Order created Starkiller Base and the destruction and chaos it left behind on the latest episode.

So how did the First Order create Starkiller Base? We got a glimpse of that in last week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance “The Core Problem.”

When Kaz and Poe head out to check on an area the First Order had been interested in, they find several planets hollowed out and the sun missing from that system. It was kind of like a demented space version of Goldilocks.

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The first planet was cored and shattered. The second planet was cored, but still broke in two. The third planet the First Order got just right and managed to burrow through the core.

The steps taken to get there were not pretty and likely millions died in the process. The only survivors we know of from that are Eila and Kel. In the Star Wars Resistance Rewind, LucasFilm confirms the symbol Kel wears is the same one spotted on the planet.

The First Order needed the people to be gone to overtake their planet and didn’t want any witnesses. Eila’s potential Force powers seem to have been the only thing that saved them.

“The Core Problem” is also the episode leading up to the events of The Force Awakens. Poe had arrived on the platform to get BB-8 before he heads out on his mission to Jakuu – and we all know what happens there.

It makes sense that Poe would know some info about Starkiller Base in TFA as well since he actually had an inside look at the process needed to create it.

Star Wars Resistance is at a fascinating point in the timeline and has added a great deal of context to what we have seen in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi when it comes to the First Order.

This episode just added another layer.

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