Star Wars: Episode IX spoiler: One of the threats our characters will face confirmed


Star Wars: Episode IX is expected to be an explosive journey with our characters facing many potential threats and we can confirm one of them right now.

Before we get started, this is a spoiler post about Star Wars: Episode IX. If you wish to stay spoiler free then please do not read any further as we talk about one of the threats our characters will face in the upcoming movie.

OK. Let’s get to it then.

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Just like every other Star Wars film, there has always been more than one threat our characters have had to face and overcome. Return of the Jedi didn’t just feature the Empire, they also had to face Jabba and his crew. Phantom Menace not only had the Separatists and their Droids but Darth Maul as well.

You get the idea, there is always more than one threat to be dealt with and Star Wars: Episode IX is going to be the same. We obviously have the First Order, and there is also the highly anticipated Knights of Ren.

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However, we can also confirm that our characters will face another threat and this one will be from The Beyond.

Making Star Wars confirmed a threat from The Beyond will take place, they also confirmed that the threat from The Beyond is not the Knights of Ren. Which raises the questions of who it will be?

The popular theory is it shall be a Young Emperor Palpatine, who will be played by Doctor Who actor Matt SmithThere is also the theory of it being Darth Vader and Snoke.

With it being The Beyond, the door is wide open for it being anyone really. Pretty much anyone who has ever featured in the franchise could appear, even those who have only featured in the books and comics. So while Young Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and Snoke are all popular theories, we very well could see someone from the days of the Old Republic making an appearance.

Now wouldn’t that be something?

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What do you think about our characters facing someone from The Beyond? Who do you think it will be? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.