Is Maz Kanata about to appear on Star Wars Resistance?


Several key characters on Star Wars Resistance are on their way to Takodana, the home planet of the pirate queen Maz Kanata. Does this mean Maz is about to make her debut for the television series?

Warning: Spoilers will follow for season 1, episode 18 “The Disappeared” of Star Wars Resistance.

Several outspoken citizens aboard the Colossus found themselves in hot water, kidnapped and nearly sent off-world for speaking out against the First Order. Among these “disappeared” citizens were significant recurring characters like Ace Pilot Hype Fazon–voiced by Donald Faison–and the tavern owner Aunt Z.

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Kaz and Torra Doza came to their rescue before the First Order could send the prisoners to a perilous off-world location. Hype, Aunt Z, and the others took the First Order transport for themselves. Now considered escaped fugitives, they needed to get off-world to a safe location, leading Aunt Z to declare they go to Takodana to get help from an old friend.

Mention of Takodana and an old friend is clearly meant to bring Maz Kanata to mind. Just like Oscar Isaac voicing Poe Dameron and Gwendoline Christie voicing Captain Phasma for the show, it’s quite possible Maz Kanata could make her Resistance debut and be voiced by Lupita Nyong’o. She’s already appeared in animated form in Star Wars Forces of Destiny where she was voiced by Nyongo’o.

Given how likable Hype and Aunt Z are and how much they care about the Colossus and its people, it’s highly unlikely this is the last the audience will see of their characters. Fans could see them next meeting with none other than Maz herself.

Since the show is now taking place at the same time of The Force Awakens, it’s possible that fans could even see Hype, Aunt Z, and the other “fugitives” arriving on Takodana around the same time Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 do. This does seem like a bit too much to expect, though it would be intriguing for Hype or Aunt Z to recognize BB-8 from the droid’s time on the Colossus. Seeing Maz is a more realistic expectation given the clues that were dropped, and given the timeline it could be shortly before or after the Battle of Takodana in The Force Awakens.

Since Maz’s whereabouts are largely a mystery after she gives Finn the lightsaber on Takodana, it’s possible Resistance could show what happens to her next. Hype and Aunt Z could return to the Colossus with Maz and other patrons of her castle as reinforcements to fight back against the First Order. As Alex Damon of the YouTube channel Star Wars Explained speculated, perhaps the Colossus could even play a role in the “union dispute” Maz is involved in during The Last Jedi.

Maz’s story is currently open-ended enough after the Battle of Takodana that she could feasibly appear in the final Resistance episodes of Season 1, but could also make her first appearance in Season 2. The friendship with an established character like Aunt Z is there, and Aunt Z is sharp enough to know that Maz is a resourceful ally to have in the fight against an enemy like the First Order.

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