Star Wars: Who does the voice for Bucket in Star Wars Resistance


Bucket has been a mainstay with Team Fireball on Star Wars Resistance. But one thing we’ve wondered is who does the voiceover work for the droid.

There are always new, lovable droids popping up in Star Wars. In Star Wars Resistance, we made a new friend in Bucket.

BB-8 gets most of the screen time when it comes to the droids in the animated series, but Bucket has had his moments. Bucket is Jarek Yeager’s astromech and wears an old Resistance helmet.

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But while everyone else in Star Wars is carefully labeled on who does their voice in the credits, Bucket doesn’t have the same luxury. In the credits, Bucket voice work is done by … Bucket.

Yes, when the credits role and all the different characters are getting their due such as Christopher Sean as the voice of Kaz or Suzie McGrath as the voice of Tam, the name next to Buckets says “as Himself.”

Now, we aren’t going to fall for this one because we have seen this before.

In Star Wars Rebels, the same was done for Chopper. No one knew who did the voice for Chopper, another droid, until the Rebels series finale. Rather than give credit to Chopper all by himself, the credits finally showed “Dave Filoni” did the voice work for Chopper.

Does Filoni do Bucket’s voice too?

We’re not sure, but if we were taking bets, Filoni would be getting good odds. Bucket isn’t in Star Wars Resistance as often as Chopper was in Rebels. So while Filoni is busy working on The Clone Wars and directing episodes of The Mandalorian, he could have conceivably done the parts for Bucket.

We don’t actually know it’s him, but since he pulled this before we’re included to think it’s Filoni again.

But what if it wasn’t? Who else would the Star Wars crew want to use to surprise fans as the voice of Bucket?

Perhaps Mark Hamill, who has done extensive voiceover work in his career? Or maybe Jon Favreau returning the favor of Filoni directing episodes of The Mandalorian.

We’re really not sure who it is, but in time – hopefully – Lucasfilm will reveal who is behind the garbled robotic sounds.

Who would you want to see as the voice of Bucket when it’s finally revealed?

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