Star Wars: Captain Marvel wants to be a Jedi; Who doesn’t?


Brie Larson cried when she held Samuel L. Jackson’s lightsaber and just wants to be a Jedi. Perhaps Disney should consider her for Star Wars.

So many kids imagine what it would be like to be a Jedi. Few have gotten to chance to actually wield lightsabers for good, but that hasn’t stopped so many of us from dreaming of being part of Star Wars.

Even Captain Marvel.

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Brie Larsen and Samuel L. Jackson recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly where they discussed the upcoming movie. But only one of them has actually been a Jedi onscreen. Samuel L. Jackson had a memorable role as Mace Windu in the prequel trilogies, and even know uses his powers for good.

Jackson described how being in Star Wars changed his life. He went from being a well known actor to something bigger — something that even he couldn’t have imagined.

Jackson told EW:

"With becoming that kind of character in that kind of movie. It just changes the game in another kind of way. ’Cause I had all this interesting kind of popularity or whatever, but when I got into the Star Wars universe, it exponentially changed. You become godlike in a crazy kinda way. I [became more famous] because I was a Jedi, so no matter where I went, I got accosted by the Jedi council of wherever."

Jackson said people chanted his name outside of his hotel rooms. And even with all that, Larson just had one thought:

"It’s so cool. I wish I was a Jedi."

So Captain Marvel wants to be a Jedi. Of course, she does. Other than Kylo Ren, who doesn’t want to be a Jedi?

The other cool thing that Jackson did was bring his lightsaber to set for Larson to check out. She told EW that she cried when she held it.

Of all the actors that have said they want to be part of Star Wars, it feels like Larson is certainly one that Disney may want to have a conversation with when her media blitz for Captain Marvel is complete.

Captain Marvel is expected to do well at the box office, and it should rise her popularity to another level. Will it go to the height of Star Wars where people are chanting her name outside of hotel rooms — frankly, we hope that doesn’t happen to anyone. It’s a little creepy.

But Brie Larson will become a household name after this weekend when Captain Marvel opens to the general public.

Perhaps her next move will be to wield a lightsaber.

And, yes, Disney definitely knows about — they’re all part of the Disney family after all. The Star Wars Twitter account put out this message:

dark. Next. What is “The Balance of the Force”?

What do you think? Would you want to see Brie Larson as a Jedi?