Doctor Aphra comic No. 29 review: A little faith


One disaster after another pollutes Doctor Aphra’s adventures. This one, however, will be much harder to survive.

All of Milvayne is watching.

No, really. Citizens are practically glued to their holoscreens waiting in anticipation to find out what will happen to the fugitives stirring up chaos on their homeworld.

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Bonded by proximity bomb and still trying to win a race against time, Doctor Aphra and droid nemesis Triple-Zero are still fighting their way across a planet to get the life-saving help they need.

On the run from bounty hunters, a “not properly alive” officer, and planetary law enforcement, human and droid will probably still somehow survive this. They have up until this point, at least.

Spoilers ahead for Doctor Aphra No. 29! You have been warned.

With barely five hours left before their proximity bombs go off, Aphra and Trip are now fleeing capture on foot. But carrying the droid on her back isn’t getting them to their destination any faster, and there are plenty of obstacles trailing them to make matters even worse.

Unknowingly being watched by an entire system, the duo risks stopping for as long as they can afford to in order to cover more ground in less time.

Aphra persuades Trip to let her “fix” him in exchange for “10 minutes or so” of deactivation. She does the deed, wakes him back up … and he proceeds to drag her away from a lethal blow from a nearby bounty hunter.

The two are captured and end up on a ship that ends up getting blown out of the sky, thanks to a nearby Empire-issued “public relations” flagship.

The demented droid would never admit to saving Aphra’s life, of course. He is a killing machine after all, technically incapable of experiencing genuine human emotion … unless, of course, something happened while he was deactivated.

What Trip can’t save Aphra — or himself — from, however, is the imminent crash-landing that serves as the cliffhanger for this no-room-to-breathe installment of the series.

Will the two survive? Probably. Will they finally find their way to someone who might save them from a mutual demise? Probably. But how they get there, well … that’s the mystery that just keeps me coming back for more.

Not an issue of Aphra goes by that doesn’t get at least a small smile out of me. The public relations flagship almost got a chuckle.

And while I appreciate the occasional panel or two of serenity, this week’s installment had none — and that was fine with me.

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I’m totally down for Aphra getting all philosophical as she’s plunging to her doom … again. At this point, I’d expect nothing less.

Here’s to hoping we’re nearing at least the second act of this arc. It’s great — don’t get me wrong. A change of scenery never caused anyone to explode, however. Or did it?