Will Star Wars: Episode IX end the Jedi and Sith once and for all?


For the time Star Wars has been around we have known two types of Force users: the Jedi and the Sith. Is it time to end both orders?

While it is true that Jedi and Sith groups of Force users have shaped Star Wars as we know it, it might be time to say goodbye to what we have known. Perhaps Episode IX will do just that.

If the ultimate goal is to bring balance to the Force, then it might be that both Jedi and Sith need to end. In Star Wars:The Last Jedi, Luke noted he had seen the damage both sides had done. Before sending a ripple though the universe that it was time for the Jedi to end.

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Both sides seemed to use the Force for what they thought was the greater good. Which in turn deluded the Force as it was meant to be and how it was supposed to be used. The Force is more about balance than it is light/dark, good/evil.

With the Sith seemingly gone Luke perhaps thought it was time to end the Jedi to bring that slice of balance that had been missing.

The sequel trilogy has brought us Supreme Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren, both very powerful Force-users, but neither actually Sith. That may be a stepping stone needed to move forward with no Jedi or Sith.

Just Force users.

There is no telling what J.J. Abrams intends for the Force in Episode IX. But the balance that was a focal point of the prequel trilogy should be included. That would tie everything up nicely. “It is time for the Jedi to end.” I am throwing the Sith as well.

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What are your thoughts on bringing balance to the Force?