Star Wars: Episode IX: Matt Smith says he’s not in the movie


Despite rumors to the contrary, Matt Smith says he is not in Star Wars: Episode IX, and we’re more confused than ever.

As we get closer to learning more about Star Wars: Episode IX, one of the questions we had is what role does Matt Smith play?

Apparently, none.

Despite a Variety report last summer saying Smith was in the movie, the Doctor Who actor recently told LA Times reporter Emily Zemler that he is “definitely not” in Star Wars: Episode IX.

But that doesn’t mean Smith is not in the movie because there are secrets always surrounding big movies like this. To be honest, this just leaves us more confused than anything else.

Smith had been rumored to play everything from a Knight of Ren to a Young Palpatine, but it would seem weird to think after all this time — seven months after the fact — that someone is now disputing that report.

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Here’s the other thing, the wording is kind of funny too.

His quote is, “As far as I can tell, I’m definitely not.”

Part of me wonders if Smith filmed some scenes and then J.J. Abrams decided to move in another direction with Smith’s parts winging up on the cutting room floor. To be honest, all we have is Smith’s word.

He says he is not in Star Wars: Episode IX, so perhaps he’s not. But in an interview with Radio Times, Richard E. Grant — while vague — kind of alluded to Smith being in the movie. When asked if they shared any scenes, Grants said: “I would be fired if I told you anything about that.”

Hopefully, we’ll get more insight at Star Wars Celebration in April.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is schedule to come out on December 20.