Star Wars Resistance: Kaz learns the fate of Hosnian Prime


The First Order has officially taken over the Colossus but that’s not the worst thing to happen on this week’s Star Wars Resistance.

Kaz is a fighter. As goofy and crazy as he is, Kaz is a fighter but not just for himself, but for his friends and those around him as we’ve seen on Star Wars Resistance. Now in Part 1 of the season finale, the First Order has completely taken over the Colossus.

Before he leaves to get help form his father on Hosnian Prime, Kaz plans on freeing his friends who have been taken prisoner.

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Right now, Torra, Neeku, Kel, Eila and the shell folk are helping Kaz with his mission while Yeager, Tam, and Captain Doza are in custody of the First Order.

Kaz was less clumsy in this episode and definitely more of a hero, fighting against the First Order at every turn. What’s also important was how he utilized his friends. He spent so much time hiding what he was doing from them throughout the series it became a detriment to their relationship.

Now, that Kaz has his friends working with him, he can rely on them to do other work like opening doors, clearing passages and fighting along beside him.

“No Escape,” was more about setting up next week’s season finale and there were several important developments:

  • Learning the platform can fly as Kel and Eila discovered a hyper drive
  • Yeager putting doubt in Tam’s mind about First Order
  • And then … the ending.

We had been waiting for this moment since the start of Star Wars Resistance. We knew this took place right before the events of The Force Awakens and eventually it would catch up to the movie.

Well, now it did. Domhall Gleeson reprised his role as General Hux and gave his evil speech about the might of the First Order. Kaz watched it and then the destruction of the Hosnian Prime system on a holo projection – and the weight of everything hit him.

His parents. His home. Everything was destroyed in just seconds.

And that’s where the episode ended. We won’t find out Kaz’s exact response until next week. It might inspire Kaz to fight even harder because now he doesn’t have anything to lose.

Those he built relationships with on the platform have become his family and he is going to need them now more than ever before. My heart broke for Kaz even though I knew fully well what was coming since the series began. It didn’t make it any easier to watch.

Next week’s season finale of Star Wars Resistance can’t come up soon.

dark. Next. How could Neeku appear in a Star Wars movie?

Watch the season finale next Sunday at 10/9 c on The Disney Channel.