Star Wars: Episode IX: Waiting for news is the hardest part


The late Tom Petty once sang “The waiting is the hardest part.” Boy was he right, especially when it comes to Star Wars: Episode IX.

Disney, has been over-the-top on withholding anything Star Wars: Episode IX related. It seems it is a calculated design to fend off disgruntled fans. It also is most likely because Disney has a lot riding on this one movie.

Rumors have come. Rumors have gone. Some have a slim chance at being somewhat right, but most will be laughed at once the film is released. J.J. Abrams, who when directing The Force Awakens posted a few pics here and there, has posted only one pic and that was shortly after filming had begun. Nothing since.

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What to make of the secrecy? It could be good. It could be downright bad.

Is Disney walking on egg shells? Did they really bring in George Lucas to advise? Who knows? Only Disney, Abrams and Lucas know for sure and they are not talking.

No title. No teaser. No pictures. The so-called leaked pictures were of sets only. No confirmed actors or ships. Even the set photos were not confirmed by anyone in power.

This is a throwback of sorts before the world wide web, before you could find anything you wanted to. So Disney does deserve a tip of the hat for pulling that off. Even if the fan base is on pins and needles. Even if the media is also wondering when they have Episode IX material to report.

So we wait. That is all we can do. Disney seems just fine with it.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide on December 20.