Will you create a lightsaber or build a droid when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens?


Guests at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will have the opportunity to create their own lightsaber and customize a droid while visiting the planet Batuu.

Not that long ago some interesting details released about what guests can expect to see and do at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening in Disneyland this summer and Walt Disney World in the fall. Of everything mentioned in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge details revealed, the two things that will be covered today is lightsabers and droids.

Beginning with lightsabers, guests will be visiting Savi’s Workshop-Handbuilt Lightsabers to either buy lightsabers or create their own. While more information is not available at the present time what is known currently is that this is a “20-minute experience” where guests get to choose between Jedi or Sith.

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Travel and Leisure’s piece on the theme park provides the following details, visitors “select a kyber crystal (red, purple, blue or green) to power their blade, and proceed into the Chamber of Guardians to build.”

"“These heavy-duty products with weighty hilts, reinforced plastic blades and crystals interchangeable between sabers and holocrons are much more advanced than the make-your-own sabers currently being sold at Tatooine Traders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.”"

The bottom line is, “a trip to Savi’s will cost around $160, with the hilt priced at $109 and the blade at $49.99.

Switching gears to what I am most excited about, the Droid Depot. Pricing for this experience is currently unknown (to my knowledge) but what is known is that “guests can build and customize their own shrunken version of an R2-D2 or BB-8-type droid.”

The process?

"“Once guests choose their bits, the work begins, customizing programming chips, panels and parts with a mechanical screwdriver before infusing droids with life via an “activation station”."

The best part about your personalized droid, aside from taking it home is that “personal droids will respond to other hand-built droids, full-sized droids and even experiences throughout Galaxy’s Edge, supposedly sputtering about when Stormtroopers pass.”

As long as this experience will not break the bank, I think I know what my first objective will be at Galaxy’s Edge.

I am curious how crowds will be able to maneuver between shops and attractions with these personalized droids roaming about. Even though these will be smaller than the average-sized droid I’m assuming this will be one of the many tasks Disney will have taken into account when handling the expected large crowds.

As the opening date draws closer for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, I will await further details with much anticipation.

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Would you rather create your own lightsaber or build your own droid? Leave your answers in the comment section below. I’d love to read them!