Star Wars Resistance: Will Tam join the First Order?


In Star Wars Resistance, the presence of the First Order is becoming more crucial to the story. Will Tam join forces with them?

“No Escape: Part 1” gives us a glimpse at how far the First Order is willing to go in order to find Resistance spies. They’ve locked up Captain Doza and Jarek Yaeger while they search the platform for Kaz, who is the one doing the actual spying on Star Wars Resistance.

However, the one character who has the most undetermined future going forward is Tam. The First Order arrived and informed her that Yeager and Kaz had been lying to her. They feed her well and treat her nice to prove that they aren’t the bad guys in this scenario. Unfortunately, it’s looking like she’s believing them so far.

With the First Order ramping things up on the Collosus, one can’t help but wonder if Tam will end up joining forces with them. She feels betrayed and it feels like she’s leaning towards believing them over her friends. The whole point of a cover is to have people believe it, which clearly worked on Tam.

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We only see Tam for a brief moment in the preview for “No Escape: Part 2.” She’s still with the First Order, so it doesn’t confirm or deny if she’s actually joined them. They could just be keeping her close so she can’t make contact with anyone else.

I think it would be a more interesting turn of events if Tam does join the first order. She feels left out and it would be a natural move to have her leave with the First Order. They’ve flattered her with good food and compliments about her skills not being used to their full potential.

Plus, it would add some tension within the friend group. Neeku seems to be taking the whole spy business in stride and continues to help Kaz, as does Torra. So for Tam, it would be an interesting move to have her go the opposite way.

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