Star Wars rumor: Did the Episode IX title get leaked?


The latest Star Wars rumor brings us a potential title and logo for Episode IX. But how true could it be?

As the days get closer to Star Wars: Episode IX with little information, there are going to be rumors and “leaks” that pop up. Some will be legit, but most will probably be a bag of junk.

The latest rumor comes from Reddit where a user claims to have some marketing materials displaying logos that will be used for Star Wars: Episode IX, including a title.

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First note: Since we no confirmation, take this info with a grain a salt.

Second note: Potential spoilers are ahead, so steer clear of the info in case the information here ends up being correct.

The so-called leaked material features eight logos that would supposedly be used in coming promotions. It shows a yellow Star Wars logo in an outline on top of either a starfield or a white background.

The title associated with these logos: The Only Hope.

What ever your opinion may be on this potential name, just know we’re just the messengers here. The name would being the Skywalker Saga full circle with a callback to the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope.

How believable is this rumor?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being legit. We give this about a 3. We don’t feel great about this one, but here’s are a couple of reasons we give it some credence.

  • It’s yellow. We’ve heard the logo will be yellow for the promotion of Episode IX, so at the very least that part was right.
  • The Only Hope would tie it nicely with A New Hope and the iconic line, “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

Here are the reasons, we are downvoting this rumor:

  • It’s clunky. The material looks as though it was done MS Paint. I’m not whiz with graphics, but I could have created cleaner lines.
  • This seemed to come out of left field, and looks odd on the page. Having seen previous Star Wars style guides, this doesn’t look like anything used in The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi. Granted, this could be a rough draft, which is why things look out of place.
  • As one redditor points out, they got the color code wrong from the color hex.
  • While there is some technical jargon, there is also a lot of things missing from a page like this. Designers cringed upon looking at this sheet.
  • We have no idea who the source is. While it was posted on Reddit, the poster wasn’t the person claiming to be the leaker.

It could be a little crazy and frustrating these next several months. We are just here for the ride.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide December 20.