Star Wars: Episode IX: Kylo Ren shouldn’t follow in Vader’s footsteps


There is a growing feeling in the Star Wars fandom that prequel trilogy villain Kylo Ren should be redeemed — but J.J. Abrams would be wise to avoid at all costs.

When the sequel trilogy was announced fans and media were told Star Wars was going in a new bold direction.

What happened? The Force Awakens was pretty close to A New Hope while The Last Jedi had moments that reminded us of The Empire Strikes Back. That’s not exactly new or bold and it seems like a lot of repetitiveness though the lends of long-time Star Wars fans.

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For Episode IX, it can be changed, which is why Kylo Ren should not be redeemed. We already saw that with Darth Vader — and it was done in a dramatic way that shouldn’t be replicated.

Being the grandchild of Darth Vader, Kylo Ren should in no way follow in Vader’s footsteps. Ren should remain tormented and angry and unredeemed.

That would be both new and bold. The fact that fans are saying he will be redeemed is because it has been done before. Enough! Time to allow a villain to remain a villain. It does not hurt the overall story. In fact it adds to it.

Allowing Kylo Ren to remain unchanged would be a nice twist to the story. It would show that while Ren was enamored with Darth Vader, in the end he wanted to finish what Vader started. Ruling the galaxy in absolute power and authority and following in his grandfather, he would only go so far.

Otherwise, the sequel trilogy will fail. It will not be new or bold. But old and blah.

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Episode IX premieres worldwide on December 20.