Star Wars: 25 most empowering female characters of all-time

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Star Wars is an epic tale filled with fantastic stories. But part of what makes up those great stories are the characters.

From the Original Trilogy to the animated series, there have been memorable and noteworthy characters we haven’t forgotten. In honor of Women’s History Month we will take a look at 25 of the most empowering female characters of all-time.

From generals to bounty hunters, there are so many female characters who have inspired fans around the world.

MOTHER TALZIN. Photo: Lucasfilm.

25. Mother Talzin

Say what you want about Mother Talzin but family is everything to her. The leader of the Nightsisters, she lent out members of her Force-sensitive coven as mercenaries and assassins. What made Mother Talzin so formidable was her sheer determination.

While her methods left a lot to be desired — killing is generally not the answer — most mothers could probably get behind her anger. Her children had been harmed with Count Dooku betraying Assaj Ventress and Darth Sidious abducting her son Darth Maul.

Obviously, she wanted revenge. While Mother Talzin never reached her goal, she never stopped even when pushed back by powerful forces. I don’t condone her goals, but do recognize a mama bear when I see one.

She would go to the ends of the galaxy for her children. You can’t blame her for that. That’s why Mother Talzin makes the list of most empowering females in Star Wars.

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