Star Wars Episode IX leak boasts zero gravity battle scene


A new Star Wars: Episode IX leak suggest a zero gravity fight. Let’s make it so.

A new potential leak has surfaced about Star Wars: Episode IX and it’s one that we would like to see happen.

As with any leaks or rumors, please take a with a grain of salt until there is confirmation .

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This new leak comes from Making Star Wars’ podcast, Now This is Podcasting. You can hear it around the 46-minute mark. It was quick and there wasn’t much detail, but still significant.

Jason Ward states there could be a zero-gravity fight likely aboard Kylo Ren’s new ship. While there was no more detail than this, it does seem reminiscent of something John Boyega hinted at back in January on Instagram.

He teased “something visually crazy.”

While we can certainly speculate on what that is — and still do, this could be what Boyega had referred to.

This is a pretty exciting leak because IF true, certainly packs a punch. It has never been done in Star Wars, which could make a for a visually appealing and fun sequence to see on screen.

Not only because director J.J. Abrams is again supposedly doing something new, but he breaking away from Star Wars tradition. We take a deeper look at this because the source giving the information has a solid history.

With Celebration coming in three weeks and Abrams scheduled to speak, fans and media may finally get their first look at Episode IX. Hopefully with all of the secrecy surrounding the film, Abrams will be forthcoming with all of his answers.

It is difficult to not believe at an even as big as Celebration, there will be no footage of the film. Perhaps we’ll even get a sneak peek at a zero-gravity fight.

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Episode IX releases worldwide on December 20.