A new Star Wars trilogy: 4 characters we’d like to see from the Old Republic

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1. Bastila Shan

Knights of the Old Republic players will remember Bastila Shan from the original game. (She’s also a playable character in EA’s free-to-play Galaxy of Heroes mobile game.)

Bastila was a Jedi who specialized in battle meditation, a Force power that increased her side’s chances of winning in combat. During the Jedi Civil War, she assisted in the capture of Darth Revan, erasing his memories and attempting to keep him on the side of the Jedi.

Ultimately, she was the one to face temptation by the dark side and lose.

This character’s fall to the dark side was unique compared to other fallen Jedi we had seen before. Rather than being seduced by the dark side of the Force or seeking out its powers on her own, Bastila Shan was tortured into submission and only found redemption thanks to the original game’s main character.

It’s Bastila’s unbreakable bond with Revan that makes her one of the most interesting characters of this era. Even after he fell to the dark side, she never gave up on trying to save him, and eventually succeeded.

Another possible character arc for a film (or two, or three): Bastila’s son, Vaner Shan, who was not born Force-sensitive despite both his parents being former Jedi Knights.

How frustrating would that be, to be directly descended from two extremely powerful Force-users and not possess the level of sensitivity necessary to even be given the chance to become part of the Jedi Order?

Crises of identity are excellent plot devices when it comes to good storytelling. I’d see a film about the Star Wars version of a Squib. (Harry Potter fans? Anyone?)