A new Star Wars trilogy: 4 characters we’d like to see from the Old Republic

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4. New characters we’ve never seen before

If the rumors are true, a new series would be an excellent opportunity for David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to expand the Star Wars universe in an ancient era films and TV shows haven’t explored yet.

As cool as it would be to see some of our favorite legends-era Old Republic characters come to life onscreen and become part of official current Star Wars canon, it also won’t be a terrible idea to create completely new characters fans could fall in love with.

Once Episode IX closes out the Skywalker saga, it’s pretty much up to the storytellers to explore the galaxy far, far away in new ways. The KOTOR games and plenty of books now considered legends content did it once. Who says it can’t happen again?

Many fans have been saying they want more Jedi characters. The Old Republic just happens to be the era during which the Jedi Temple was supposedly first built on Coruscant, establishing the group as the galaxy’s peacekeepers. Now THAT would make an interesting storyline.

It’s also the time during which the first group of Force-users broke off from the rest and sought out the potential power of dark side energy, eventually leading to the formation of the Sith. Who doesn’t love a familiar “light side hero loses to dark side temptation and becomes a Sith Lord” storyline?

Some fans want to see their old-school favorites back in action. Others want new stories featuring unfamiliar faces. And there are plenty who want a mix of the two, similar to what we’ve seen in the sequel trilogy so far.

It’s unclear which direction Benioff and Weiss would take a Star Wars story set in the Old Republic — if that’s what they’re doing at all (at this point, it’s still just a rumor).

But one thing’s for sure: At least one well-known legends character needs to make an appearance. And Revan is definitely a major contender for that role, whether it’s the Jedi or Darth version (or both!).

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Is there an Old Republic character you’d want to see in this trilogy that wasn’t mentioned here? Tell us who and why you’d love having them around.